23 October 2009

Friday Top 5

Even though we have no kids, my spouse and I always make sure to carve a pumpkin around this time of year. And, per usual, it's on tap for this weekend. We try to be clever in what we carve. My top 5 favorite pumpkin carving ideas we've executed over the years:
  1. Pumpkenstein - complete with neck bolts
  2. Pumpcula - complete with fangs
  3. Have a Day - like the iconic smiley face, but with a line for a mouth rather than a smile
  4. Pumpcasso - 3 eyes, nose on the side of the face, mouth carved vertically
  5. Massacre on 7th Street - we made a fake knife out of cardboard, which was stabbed into the side of the pumpkin, with seeds & pumpkin guts spilling out of the mouth
Need some inspiration for your own carving? Check out Extreme Pumpkins.

Image credit: Photographic Society of America

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