16 October 2009

Friday Top 5

My second trip to Orlando in as many weeks has me thinking about vacation destinations. Not that I've had much time for relaxing, seeing as I was attending a conference and then helping run one, but I *wish* I were on vacation. My Top 5 favorite places for R&R (so far!):
  1. New Orleans (of course) - music, food, attitude - it's the place I truly feel at home
  2. NYC - buzz/energy, shopping, amazing walking city - it's the place I don't feel like I'm moving faster than everyone else
  3. Milan - rare pick for Italy, I know, but the eye candy (architecture, people, and shopping) just blow me away
  4. Paris - speaking of pretty...but my favorite thing about Paris is the incredible night life
  5. The All Tide Up - few things are more relaxing than hanging with friends on their beautiful yacht! The best boat to have is a friend's boat.

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