02 October 2009

Friday Top 5

I'm currently in Orlando, and I'll be back here again in two weeks. Now, normally, I'm not a fan - WAY too much Disney for this childfree cynic - but I have to find some positives, or I'll go nuts. The Top 5 great things about Orlando:
  1. Sea World! Way cooler than Disney (sorry Mr. Mouse). Cheaper, too.
  2. NFi Studios! Hoping to see Sterling on one of these trips.
  3. NACHRI has two (soon to be three) great member hospitals in Orlando: Florida Hospital for Children, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and (coming soon) Nemours Children's Hospital.
  4. This resort is the bomb-diggity.
  5. Spouse's best friend and all-around fun person Dave recently moved to Tampa, so I hope to see him, too, on one of these trips. (OK, Tampa was a stretch, but I'm really not a big Florida fan.)

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