23 September 2009

What I'm Reading

  • John Haydon on why traditional marketing execs want social media plans to fail.
  • Andy Sernovitz reminds us all to calm down and breathe.
  • An interesting take on the health care reform debate from the small business perspective.
  • Forget "innovation" - think awesomeness. (Thanks to JNott for the link.)
  • Guy Kawasaki on using Evernote. I've got it and learning how to use it is on my perpetual "to do" list - maybe this will spur my own interest in learning a new piece of software.
  • The FCC endorses net neutrality. FINALLY! (This has been a pet issue for me since my days at CoSN).
  • Still working my way through the latest issue of Technology Review (the annual TR35), Julia Child's My Life in France, and Groundswell. It's a good thing I have some business travel coming up - maybe I can get through a few of these!

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John Haydon said...

Elizabeth - I'm glad you found my post useful! Thanks!