16 September 2009

What I'm Reading

  • "Wicked Easy" WOM techniques. What are you waiting for?
  • NACHRI's 501(c)6 sister advocacy organization, N.A.C.H., got a nice profile in National Journal, focusing on remembering the needs of kids in health care reform.
  • Why "Dirty Dancing" is the best girl movie ever. RIP, Patrick Swayze. You're one of the reasons I learned to dance, and you will be fondly remembered.
  • ReadWriteWeb's Top 5 web trends of 2009 (don't these things usually come out at the end of the year?).
  • Seth Godin dings nonprofits for lacking innovation in social media, and Cause Wired fires right back. Personally, I think Godin is right that many nps are change-averse, but I think he overstates his case and ignores the fact that many FOR profits are change-averse too. I totally agree with his final point: "The work these groups do is too important (and the people who work for them are too talented) to waste this opportunity because you are paralyzed in fear." But I would expand that to fear of ANYTHING. Be bold. Take risks.
  • Still savoring Julia Child's My Life in France.
  • Still plugging through Groundswell during my lunch hours. I think I may have read this book too late, as so much of it feels like review.
  • Like football? Check out Chicks in the Huddle this week - me (the Eagles chick) and the Saints chick throwdown over Sunday's matchup.

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