09 September 2009

What I'm Reading

  • ReadWriteWeb reviews the new TweetDeck and finds much to love. When can I download this again?
  • The manuals for my cool new tablet PC (office use - I'm still loving on my Mac Air at home). I'm totally impressed at how quickly it's learning my handwriting, not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, seeing as half the time I can't read my handwriting.
  • Acronym weighs in on the (possible) death of the membership model. What do you think? Membership model: dying or not. Discuss.
  • JNott on knowing the right thing to do versus doing the right thing (and why we often seem to get them confused).
  • My Life in France by Julia Child. Really makes you wish you had known Paul & Julia Child - they seem like wonderful people.
  • LOTS of football blogs. The 2009 season starts tomorrow, yo! Sometimes I wonder how I survive the February - September period every year.
Edited 9/9 at 4:23 pm to add: Also check out 24 Hours in the ER, a recent piece from USA Today (ye gods! I'm recommending reading NewsLite!) for an interesting take on some of the issues surrounding health care reform.

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