18 September 2009

Friday Top 5

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 19, is the Ocean Conservancy's annual International Coastal Cleanup. Top 5 Facts about Ocean Debris:
  1. The number one source of ocean debris? Cigarettes and filters. Attention, smokers! Contrary to popular belief, the world is not your ashtray!
  2. Number two? Plastic bags. Get yourself some Chico reusable bags - what are you waiting for?
  3. Number one marine animal entangled in debris? Fish.
  4. Number one source of marine debris? Recreation and other shoreline activities. Haven't you people ever heard of "take only pictures - leave only footprints"?
  5. The total weigh of garbage collected world-wide = the weight of 18 blue whales.
(all facts from OC's site)

Not doing anything tomorrow morning? It's still not too late to register, and it's a world-wide event, so ANYONE can participate. If you're in DC, look for me and the spouse at the Anacostia site.

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