04 September 2009

Friday Top 5

The end of summer is a bittersweet time for most of us, so let's concentrate on the sweet for a minute. Top 5 Good Things about the End of Summer:
  1. Nice cool nights = "good sleeping weather" (one of my mom's favorite phrases)
  2. Life in DC picks back up after the sleepy August recess period (bad part is the return of traffic - good part is the return of interesting stuff like the Oyster Riot and local theater seasons)
  3. Annual pilgrimage to Charlottesville to visit grad school friends
  4. Getting to switch to my cool weather wardrobe just as I'm getting bored of my hot weather wardrobe
  5. Football season starts!
Here's hoping you have a great holiday weekend and return to work refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges that await you this fall!


Shannon Otto said...

I love your list — especially No. 5. Are you an NFL fan or a college fan (or both)?

Anonymous said...

NFL all the way - check out my *other* blog Snarkin' the NFL - http://snarkinthenfl.blogspot.com/ - pre-season review post coming later today