12 August 2009

Prepping for #ASAE09

No time for reading this week - I leave for Toronto in two days! So it's about time for the ASAE AM preview post. If you'll be there - or even if you won't - here are some things you should check out:
  • Awesome learning labs - check out the Wordle!
  • ASAE AM Hub. It's all the feeds, but optimized for your smart phone. Groovy! (But don't just take my word for it.)
  • #ASAE09 Twitter back channel. It's a great way to keep up with what's happening, whether or not you'll be there. Lots of people live-tweet sessions (myself included), and it's the place to get the latest news on all the hot parties!
  • Bling, the legendary annual YAP party. Monday night. DO. NOT. MISS. It's worth coming to Toronto just to attend this event.
  • The CAE Lounge. This year, we're not going to be in the next town, and Deborah Chin and her cadre of volunteers from the CAE Action Team have been preparing some fun events and promotions. Show your CAE pride!
  • New this year - video blogging!
  • Also, if you're looking for good sessions to attend, I can personally vouch for Counterintuitive Paths to Success (Maddie Grant and Jason Della Rocca are the main presenters, and I'll be facilitating/live tweeting, and then Mads & I will carry on the discussion in the CAE Lounge after), Membership Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (Kathy Wilson of NATLE and I will share our experiences squeezing blood from turnips, so to speak), and Practicing What You Preach (Frances Reimers, Bob Wolfe, Kevin Whorton and I will talk about creating and participating in awesome volunteer experiences).
See you in Toronto, eh?

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