21 August 2009

Friday Top 5

Top 5 Lessons Learned at ASAE 2009:
  1. Want to foment revolution? Forget the board. "The Master's tools will never dismantle the Master's house." (courtesy of @lindydreyer and Audre Lorde)
  2. The membership model of associations is dying. How will your organization respond? (courtesy of @maddiegrant, Clay Shirky, and the cocktails at our unsession in the Azure bar at the Intercontinental)
  3. Want more and more active, engaged volunteers? Meet them where they are - young professionals, certainly, but really everyone. (courtesy of Bob Wolfe)
  4. The things that make us successful today will blind us to what will make us successful tomorrow. (courtesy of Jason Della Rocca)
  5. If you're scheduled opposite Clay Shirky, fake your own death so you can attend his session in disguise.
Want more? You know you do:
  • JNott talks about failure, innovation, and how much he loves his peeps (awwww.....)
  • Renato's mantis-style note-taking fu knocks my socks off.
  • Maggie couldn't go, but she has some great thoughts on virtual attendance.
  • Maddie wraps it up without coming across as a TOTAL fan-girl.
  • Peggy reminds us that we don't have control, we have the illusion of control. Isn't it time to let go?
  • Kevin can't understand why it was so #@$%ing hot in Toronto (me either), but he also has a lot of other interesting insights to share.
  • Frank has 14 take-aways, but the common theme is the importance of connection (or at least, I think that's the theme).
  • Acronym has, seriously, 57 posts about the meeting. Many of them are pre-meeting, but still, that's a lot of good information, particularly when you realize that several of them are, like this post, roundups.
And a suggestion: as ASAE membership demographics shift towards (my snarky, cynical) GenX, y'all need to cut WAY back on the cheese in the general sessions. WAY BACK.


Deirdre Reid said...

Thanks for this. You really captured some of the main conceptual take-aways. I'm starting to realize that even though I'm classified as a late Boomer, I really am more GenX like in my thoughts and attitudes, for example, your last point is one I strongly agree with -- I guess I made that clear in my tweets too.

MudPieMojo said...

Excellent round up here. thanks. I was a virtual attendee also and really enjoyed being engaged with the community. Great experience even tho I wasn't there. Really missed my peeps though! And TO is a great city, so missed that too.

Maggie McGary said...

Thanks for the link love ;) With all the blogging, tweeting and thinking about the event, I swear it half feels like I was there.

If only I could have won a Kindle remotely....

Kevin said...

My God, it was hot. And those people don't know the first damn thing about air conditioning.

Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE said...

@Kevin - I suspect it's similar to what we see in the southern v.v northern US - heat wave in DC? Nobody dies - everything's airconditioned, and we know what to do. Heat wave in Chicago? People dropping like flies, because it's just so unprecedented they don't know what to do.