07 August 2009

Friday Top 5

Back in the day (actual time, 1997-2002 or so), my spouse and I were avid swing dancers. I'm talking 6 nights a week for a significant portion of that time. Avid. As happens, though, life got in the way, and we just don't get out that often anymore. But a favorite formerly-local singer is back in town this weekend and playing at a great venue with her band tonight. Time to break out the old dancing shoes!

Top 5 Best Things About Swing Dancing
  1. It's great exercise.
  2. Partner dancing is a terrific and very useful life skill to have.
  3. Syncopated music = awesomeness.
  4. Getting to see the old crowd (which happens far too infrequently these days).
  5. Dancing of any sort is an inherently joyful experience.
What will you do to experience joy this weekend?

Image credit: Image of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers from Street Etiquette. (Follow the link for more amazing B&W images and a few videos.)

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Hecate said...

Spend some time in nature w G/Son


See some of my favorite women