15 July 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Latest issue of Technology Review is out, so you'll be seeing more on that. But the first article I read is: Do dieting monkeys live longer? The answer appears to be yes, but is a permanent 30% reduction in calories realistic for people? Even if so, is it desirable? (What about contrary research that indicates that a little extra weight protects older women from osteoporosis?) And of course, it begs the question: if you starve yourself, do you ACTUALLY live longer or does it just FEEL that way?
  • WalMart's public Twitter policy is awesomesauce! (And never thought I'd say that about anything WalMart-related.)
  • To twintern or not to twintern, that is the question. Myself, I think interns and low-level staff can be deployed to help with the doing, but I think the thinking needs to take place at a higher pay grade.
  • Lynn Morton urges us to Dare To Suck, which is really great advice. How else are you ever going to learn anything? Who starts out as an expert?
  • Is GenX incapable of management? As a proud GenXer who thinks herself to be a pretty good manager (and has reports from people who I don't think are just trying to kiss my ass to back that up), I would say no. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?
  • John Haydon's going to punch someone if he hears one more thing about "listening" in social media. OK, not really, but he has a really good point about the importance of the why behind the listening.
  • Brian Birch of the Snow & Ice Management Association and Acronym guest blogger asks us: who are we as association professionals? Weigh in (in 150 words or less) at Acronym.
  • And I'm working my way through the Benjamin January mysteries by Barbara Hambly again. Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO know what it means to miss New Orleans. Why do you ask? I must say that I'm a little disappointed that she seems to have abandoned Ben and his bride, Rose Vitrac, right at the point it looks like they're about to get involved with the Underground Railroad.

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Peggy Hoffman said...

Great list ... would have missed Lynn's otherwise!