03 July 2009

Friday Top 5

Happy 1 Year Blogversary, T4P! In honor of that, my top 5 favorite posts:
  1. Blog Potomac Recap. Look who accidentally created a shit-storm! HEE!
  2. My Ada Lovelace Day post on Mary Dixon Kies and my Blog Action Day post on Poverty in DC. Changeblogging rules!
  3. The memes I've participated in - the Leadership meme, Why I Blog, Great Ideas Volunteer Unsession, WOM meme, Changeblogging meme. I love memes because they make me think - and write - about stuff at the same time as a lot of other smart people are doing the same.
  4. My three posts about unplugging. I think this is something to which we do not give enough attention.
  5. Some fun stuff I've written about management issues.
Thanks for reading, y'all!


Hecate said...

Happy blogiversary!

Maddie Grant said...

A whole year? Dang. Drink is on me.

Anonymous said...

@Maddie - I'll take you up on that at the happy hour on Thursday!