13 July 2009

Buzz 2009 Recap

OK, rather than recapping the whole thang, which you can get here or here or here or here or here, I thought I'd post all my "YES!" ideas, so you all can hold my feet to the fire about actually, you know, DOING them:
  • Send immediate follow up “tell a friend” emails to everyone who registers for our conferences.
  • Create easy share on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter badges for our conference registrants.
  • Give member hospitals something people will ask about (i.e. Association FORUM's bobblehead.
  • Make all our online videos easy to share.
  • Organize mommy blogger tours of our member hospitals.
  • Consider how we can use socmed to increase the coverage/reach of our conferences (particularly since we're concerned that attendance might be down this year).
So...what are YOU going to do?

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