25 June 2009

The Wisdom of Engineers, Part 1

My dad's an engineer. My brother's an engineer. My spouse is an engineer. I'm surrounded by super-smart DISC profile "C" types.

Ever in a situation you really don't know how to fix/resolve? Apply one of my very favorite principles from the engineering world:

"What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?"

Follow the link above to enjoy a very fun, very geeky dissection of this idea. But for me, it all comes down to:

  • You get done sooner
  • Your work is easier to communicate
  • You feel less stress

(shout out to Kent Beck for the list, excerpted above)

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1 comment:

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

So very true at both the personal and professional levels.

No need to waste time or gussy something up if you've already discovered a solution that works.

Thanks for the good reminder.