24 June 2009

What I'm Reading

  • 5 Tips for Brand Marketing on Twitter. Short, sweet, useful, to the point. YAY!
  • And, of course, for every good post on Twitter/social media, there's always a new "everybody panic" post.
  • Speaking of branding, Seth Godin reminds us to stop circling the big domino.
  • Coverage of the terrible accident on Metro's Red Line Monday night. My thoughts are with all the victims and their families.
  • The FTC is cracking down on bloggers who get free stuff in return for favorable reviews and Technosailor has an interesting opinion piece. Not that this has ever been an issue for me (tiny subscriber base), but it seems REALLY sketchy to me.
  • Reading a lot of email replies to a call for volunteers to populate the membership topics in Associapedia. I predict great things by the Annual Meeting in August.
  • Gen X has ideals? Great post at the Hourglass Blog. I haven't weighed in yet because, although I have ideals, I'm not sure I'm ready to attribute them to my entire generation - y'all might not like it!
  • Frank Fortin reminds us not to be penny wise and relationship foolish.
  • Summer issue of NACHRI's Children's Hospitals Today. The issue's not quite online yet, so I can't give you the link, unfortunately, but there's some interesting stuff in there that's helping me get up to speed with my new industry.
  • Making a third stab at The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Does it ever get better? I've never managed to get more than about 50 pages in. Should I stick with it, or just throw in the towel on *ever* reading this book?

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