10 June 2009

What I'm Reading

Back on the RSS hobbyhorse this week....
  • Content is king? Interaction is king (shout out to Mads and Maggie for the link).
  • Summertime (social media) blues? Maggie's got 'em, and is hilarious about it as usual.
  • There's been a lot of chatter about Twitter - because that's so unusual - due to the release of the Harvard study showing that, among other things, 10% of tweeters contribute 90% of the tweets (Pareto Principle, anyone?) John Hayden talks to the top 1% of that 10% about how they use Twitter (shout out to @JeffHurt for the link).
  • Making a BIG splash in my new world of health care, there was a fascinating piece in the New Yorker about the reasons health care costs so much in the US, and what that might mean for reform efforts.
  • Speaking of health care, Amber Benson of imc2 asks: Is Social Media Right for Your Healthcare Brand? She's focused primarily on use of social media for pharma companies, but the way she thinks about and categorizes audiences is unique and has much broader application.
  • Speaking of brands, in talking about authenticity Mads informs us that brand perfection is dead, which is both scary and liberating.
  • Josh Gordon thinks we're on the cusp of a major change in business use of social media, from communications dissemination tool to engine of customer engagement. Get on the bus, yo!
  • All the info about Blog Potomac, because I get to go now! (Thanks McLovin!)

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Mack Collier said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the link, glad you enjoyed the post!