03 June 2009

What I'm Reading

Man, is it Wednesday already?

Aside from finishing up the crowdsourced issue of Associations Now (seeing as I'm taking over the sponsorship program here, I was particularly interested in the non-dues revenue piece), I've been reading a really interesting book NACHRI's using to drive a branding initiative that's currently underway: The Hero and The Outlaw by Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson. The authors apply Jungian research on archetypes to marketing strategy. It's a fairly shallow take on Jung, but that makes it about a mile deeper than most business books. Aside from trying to figure out into which archetype my friends fit, it is providing me with some insight into what we're trying to achieve in the way our members view us.

Other than that, I'm shamefully behind on my RSS feeds and blog reading, but I do have the dual excuse of getting settled in at a new job and a weekend trip up to Massachusetts for my nephew's high school graduation.

So, since I'm unlikely to be able to get to everything in my feeds and may have to declare RSS bankruptcy and start over, what should I definitely not miss in what YOU'VE been reading lately?

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1 comment:

Hecate said...

Re-reading for the who-know-how-manyth-time The Mists of Avalon. Starting Little, Big by John Crowley, which gets raves, but it better get good soon or I'll discard it as just too twee.