23 June 2009

ASAE AM 2009

OK, first let me warn you that this is a little self serving, but....

Are you planning to come to the ASAE Annual Meeting in Toronto in August? Or are you even planning to follow it on Twitter (#ASAE09)?

Then there are 3 sessions you should know about:
  1. What *was* an unssesion and is now a formal session on new business models Sunday afternoon, August 16, at 3:15 pm, Counterintuitive Paths to Success: Upending the Status Quo. Jason Della Rocca will talk about an article he has coming out in the August issue of Associations Now on this topic that details some of his unorthodox experiences at IGDA. Maddie Grant will facilitate. Then a bunch of us are going to facilitate table discussions/exercises. Weigh in on the session and what you think we should do at the tables through the ASAE online community.
  2. Tuesday morning, August 18, at 9 am, Kathy Wilson and I will be talking about Membership Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. She'll relate tales and lessons from her experiences as a small staff association exec, and I'll do the same about my time at APSA and CoSN. If you have particular questions or issues you'd like us to address, once again, join the group on the ASAE online community and let us know what you think!
  3. Tuesday afternoon, August 18, at 12:45 pm (yes, the last damn session), Frances Reimers will moderate a discussion panel consisting of Bob Wolfe, Kevin Whorton and me as we discuss Practice What You Preach: World Class Engagement Strategies. We'll be focusing on our experiences as volunteers and managing volunteers. The awesomely smart Peggy Hoffman has given us some things to think about in preparing for the session, and we'll definitely be asking for official backchannel reps, so even if you can't be there, prep your questions and get ready to tweet!
And of course, if you have thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. about any of the above, feel free to post 'em in the comments or hit me back at ewengel at yahoo dot com.

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