20 May 2009

What I'm Reading

Not a whole lot this week, since I'm taking it off to putter, do little jobs around the house, and run errands like meeting with my financial adviser while I'm between Beaconfire and NACHRI.

Other than my NACHRI HR paperwork, I've been reading:
  • Out, a Japanese crime novel written by Natsuo Kirino. It strikes me as very Japanese, so some things that I suspect are very significant for Japanese readers aren't quite striking home the way I think they're supposed to, and the prose is pretty clunky at points. I suspect the English translation could have been better. Still, entertaining.
  • Blissfully, the WaPo cover to cover every morning. Sadly, that's a lot less reading than it used to be. Death knell of print newspapers? Maybe.
  • The crowdsourced May issue of Associations Now. I've been particularly enojying the new-ish monthly feature where association execs comment on common work scenarios. This month, Becky Granger came up with the idea to look at telecommuting, an increasingly popular option.
  • And last night, spouse & I went to see Rock-n-Roll by Tom Stoppard at Studio Theater here in DC. I think it's probably the best Stoppard I've seen and the best play I've seen at Studio this season. It's still running for about a nother two weeks, so if you have the time and the means, I encourage you to go see it, particularly to catch Ted Van Griethuysen's excellent performance as Max (I smell a Helen Hayes nomination).

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Lisa Junker said...

I'm really glad you've been enjoying our case study series, Elizabeth! We like them a lot too.

Hey, if you (or anyone else) ever have scenarios you'd like to see explored in a future case study (or even an interest in writing a case study yourself), feel free to contact me anytime. We're always looking for new ideas.

And thanks to Becky Granger for suggesting this month's topic!