11 May 2009

Pimp my Job

Wondering how to survive in today's job market?

Check out the Washington Area State Relations Group's May 2009 Professional Development Breakfast, “Pimp My Job!”, this Thursday, May 14.

Please join WASRG for this useful and entertaining discussion about all things employment-related. We will have an open career discussion, including topics such as: how to make a great situation out of a mediocre one; how to land that promotion or a new job (Yes! Even in today’s climate!); how to make the most out of networking; and other employment and career questions. Please bring your toughest situations and questions for the team.

The program will be presented by the “Pimp My Job” Dream Team, a group of witty, but wise, professionals that can share their experiences to help you survive in the working world. To see some of their past questions and advice, visit the “Dream Team” blog.

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1 comment:

Carla Lochiatto said...

This program should be great! Anyone is invited - and encouraged to bring your hardest job questions to be answered and discussed by our expert panel. It won't disappoint!