27 May 2009

CAE Celebration!

No what I'm reading post today, mostly because I'm reading NACHRI HR and orientation paperwork, and nobody wants to hear about that.

Who's coming to the CAE Celebration this afternoon?

It's an annual event put on by the Greater Washington Network that celebrates the accomplishments of CAEs. About two years ago, we finagled inviting the new CAEs (June 2008 and January 2009 class this year) to join us for free.

This year's program will focus on "What Keeps You Up at Night?" Clare Inzeo from ASAE will review the results of the economic impact study, after which incoming CAE Action Team chair Shelley Sanner and I will introduce Dan Roam's Back of the Napkin concept. Then the participants will have the opportunity to apply Back of the Napkin principles to solving the problems their associations currently face. After we have a chance to report out, Johnson & Lambert and Veris Consulting will conduct the traditional stage walk for our new CAEs. And then we party!

I hope to see all the new (and many of the not-so-new) CAEs there!

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