02 April 2009

Why I Blog Meme

I've been tagged by the lovely and brilliant Hecate on a meme that actually goes all the way back to an article written in 2004 for the Association for Computing Machinery.

My long answer for T4P is contained here, and, for Snarkin' the NFL, here.

But the short version is: I blog about the NFL because I have to. I literally cannot stop myself from writing about pro football. Really. I may need 12 step program.

I blog about associations because I think - I hope - I have something to contribute to the conversation, because it raises my and Beaconfire's profile in the space, and because it's where all the cool kids are.

Tagging a few people myself:

Maggie McGary
Lynn Morton
Frank Fortin
Maddie Grant
Jamie Notter
Kevin Holland


Maddie Grant said...

I liked her video - and as it happens, I did one on why I blog for Problogger a while back - which can become my meme response quite nicely! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4DpRB8XuYY

Maggie McGary said...

Lucky me--like Maddie, I've already written about this--twice!



Now of course I'll have to do an updated version since the list of reasons is always growing!

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