08 April 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Jamie wrote a really interesting piece on getting "touchy-feely" in a business context. I get his point, but I also think we have to remain aware that different people have different styles (said the lady with a father, brother, and spouse who are ALL engineers of various stripes), and remember that some people aren't comfortable with this even out of a business context.
  • Rohit Bhargava's cracking me up on the 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance. I think I somehow managed to skip step 3 entirely, which is a good thing, since it sounds really annoying.
  • For those who read them, there was a recent blowup on the ASAE lists around the cultural norms for vendor/consultant members. Deirdre Reid posted an awesome response.
  • Speaking of awesome responses, Maggie kills it. Again. Check out all the comments girlfriend generated!
  • Whenever I need a big, gut-busting, can't-breathe, tears-in-my-eyes kind of laugh, Sars comes though. Viva la Roombalucion! (And thanks to KiKi for putting me in mind of reading this once again.)
  • Finally, I just started Chuck Palahniuk's Choke. It's just as amazingly twisted as Fight Club, but doesn't read like a screenplay (even though they did make a movie out of it).

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Jamie Notter said...

Thanks (again!) for the link, Elizabeth. I agree completely about different styles, and I don't advocate touchy feely as some kind of generic standard. My ultimate point is that like it or not, SOMETIMES we need to go there. Even the engineers. They don't HAVE TO go there, mind you, but there's a cost that can be quite huge.

Maggie McGary said...

Hey--thanks for the love! I was shocked that one of my posts actually sparked some conversation.