10 April 2009

Friday Top 5

In honor of the fact that I'm headed to Jazz Fest in under two weeks, my Top 5 Favorite New Orleans Restaurants:
  1. Galatoire's - you haven't lived until you've eaten lunch on a Friday at Galatoire's
  2. Commander's Palace - fab for Sunday jazz brunch, fab for dinner, especially fab for the Jazz Fest Mondays club
  3. Emeril's - Emeril? Tacky as hell. Emeril's? Divine, particularly if you can sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen
  4. Dickie Brennan's Oyster House - best mint julep ANYWHERE
  5. Fiorella's - total dive, totally awesome fried chicken
Narrowly missing the cut: Herbsaint, Peristyle, Bayona, Irene's, Marigny Brasserie, Cafe Adelaide, Acme Oyster House, Cafe du Monde, Commuity Coffee

Two places I've missed in all my trips that I'm hitting this time: Cuvee, Restaurant August


Deirdre Reid said...

Can you believe that I have never been to New Orleans?! ack! I'm almost ashamed to admit it considering how much food means to me. Once I'm back on the east coast, I will have to work on a trip there, and you can bet that I will be checking in with you and your blog for my indulging itinerary. Thanks!

Hecate said...

If I knew I were going to eat my last meal, it could well be at Bayona. Amazing, amazing food.

Anonymous said...

@Deirdre - just holler if you need recommendations :)

@Hecate - of course, it's nearly impossible to have a BAD meal in New Orleans :)