18 March 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Have Twestions? Lynn Morton has answers.
  • Frank Fortin has a great post on the concepts of rhythm versus nourishment versus balance. I think he's spot-on about the utter uselessness of the concept of balance, by the way.
  • Bored with blogging? Chris Brogan can help you get past your writer's block.
  • Salon.com reminds us that if you aren't pissed off, you aren't paying attention.
  • Warming my little heart, the latest issue of MIT's Technology Review just showed up. Haven't dived in yet, but it's the annual 10 Emerging Technologies issue! YAY! Also, lots of good Always the Last to Know posts likely on the way....
  • Happy 1000th post, Ben. Although I'm not sure if I should take it personally or not:
For my own part, I have mixed emotions. I used to be, well, one of only a handful who blogged about associations. Now there are dozens. Whatever differentiation blogging once brought me is long gone. But on the other hand, I’m excited to see that the association blogging community has graduated from a blogoclump to a blogosphere. And I’m always willing to spread the love.

But with the masses comes more volume. More noise, less signal. More politics, less community. More distractions, less clarity. How will you feel when it tips?

Here's hoping T4P, despite being one of the "new kids" (although I'm an "old kid" blogger, just not about associations) falls on the side of the blessed redeemed in signal/community/clarity, and not the heathen infidels of noise and distraction....

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Ben Martin, CAE @bkmcae said...

Thanks for the props, Elizabeth. Don't take it personally. :-)