11 March 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Twitter. But not excessively. But I'm still not really "getting it" outside of conferences, where I can DEFINITELY see the benefit.
  • A bunch of deliverables for clients. Actually, writing and reading those.
  • Kevin's great post about the success of the ACCA annual conference. Meetings professionals should check out the lessons ACCA learned and think about how you can apply them to your own organization.
  • The new Hourglass Blog, particularly the post about Gen-x and leadership. Very active comments - go weigh in!
  • Posts about changes to FB pages and terms of service. Is your organization on FB? Educate yourself.
  • Speaking of FB, Maddie's rant is hilarious. How do you know FB is over? When your mom sends you a friend request. Wish I could take credit for that, but it's a paraphrase of a recent tweet by @BstTwt.
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I used to belong to a book club (until everyone started having kids and wanted to meet at 8 am in Silver Spring on Saturdays rather than downtown over dinner on weeknights), and several members were BIG fans of Kingsolver as a fiction writer. Me? Not so much, to the point that I've given away or sold my copies of her books that I purchased to read for the book club, and that's QUITE unusual for me, as my many overstuffed bookcases can attest. AVM is different - it's a non-fiction, essay-style account of her family's year of eating only local, in-season foods. It's kind of preachy and her "aren't we the coolest family EVER?" tone can get more than a little annoying. But her larger points about the hidden costs of the "cheap," out-of-season goods provided by industrial agriculture are quite good.

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