20 March 2009

Friday Top 5

I got hooked on Boston Legal reruns on Ion during all my client travel to Seattle last month, and it reminds me just how much I LOVE James Spader. So this Friday Top 5's for him.

Top 5 Best James Spader Roles EVER:
  1. Alan Shore, Boston Legal and, before that, The Practice
  2. E. Edward Grey, Secretary
  3. Steff, Pretty in Pink
  4. James Ballard, Crash
  5. Graham Dalton, sex lies & videotape
(And by the way, is that some awesomely feathered hair or what?)


onekey89 said...

He definitely had awesome feathered hair. I like your choices of best roles, but I would like to add Max in White Palace and Dr. Daniel Jackson in Stargate. I guess I need the top 7 roles.

Scott Oser said...

And don't forget Rip in Less Than Zero.

Anonymous said...

Seriously "Jack's Back!"

Anonymous said...

I had no idea so many people were such big Spader fans! HEE!