01 March 2009

The Friday Top 5

(a little late)

Top 5 Things That Are Great About Being Home (after way too much travel in February)
  1. Saturday and Sunday WaPo delivered to my door. And the time to read them in my own kitchen, rather than at National airport.
  2. Finally getting started on this year's New Year's resolution. The first batch of baguettes tasted great and had quality crusts, but the interior was a little too dense. I think I needed an extra 30 minutes on the final rise.
  3. Getting to put the suitcase away.
  4. Planning and shopping for a whole week's menus with my spouse. And looking forward to being around to eat them.
  5. Finally having a few spare minutes to complete my CAE renewal paperwork.


Hecate said...

I am so glad you got a weekend at home!

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Must have been in the air as I also made baguettes and other breads this weekend.

Anonymous said...

@Hecate - me too (you have no idea)

@Jeffrey - I didn't know you bake! Truly a Renaissance man.