03 March 2009

Always the Last to Know - DC Snowmap

Hopefully, yesterday's storm was the last gasp of winter here in DC, but just in case, check out this cool mashup from the DC government that allows you to track snow removal on a street-by-street basis:

DC Snow Response Reporting System

Image by theothertiger


Hecate said...

Don't know about back in the neighborhoods, but got to give Mayor Fenty props for getting at least the main streets really clean

Anonymous said...

Hell, he seems to have figured out a way to magically convince the residents of Capitol Hill to shovel their walks for once. He's my hero!

shoegal said...

There's a reason I park on a different street than the one I live on when it snows and this just confirmed why. Not much of an issue when it's a few inches but if we get much more than that, all bets are off as to leaving the house until it melts because my street will never, ever, ever get plowed.