25 February 2009

What I'm Reading

Actually, not a whole lot this week because of Great Ideas and another trip to Seattle for National CASA. Anyway...
  • A little self-promotion. I wrote a pretty good piece about IP and Creative Commons for the Beaconfire Wire. Go check it out!
  • The March issue of GQ is great. I often tell my spouse that even if he weren't around, I'd still subscribe to GQ for the quality writing. Great pieces on the Somali pirate situation, the grounds team that digs graves at Arlington cemetery, and sibling rivalry, plus a profile of a 12 year old budding food critic. Good stuff.
  • Still working on The United States of Arugula, mostly because I've been savoring every word (pun intended).
  • Love the Wordle of #ideas09 Twitter stream.
  • And DC might FINALLY be getting some representation in Congress. wOOt!

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