04 February 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Unfortunately, the coverage of Team Obama's personnel mis-steps. Dude! It's called AN ACCOUNTANT. Hire one!
  • 2008 Crunchie Award Winners. Big year for Facebook (duh).
  • All kinds of stuff about association wikis, since I'm refreshing my ASAE Annual Meeting Social Media Lab presentation to give again (with Jason Della Rocca, lately of IGDA) at Great Ideas later this month. You are coming, right?
  • 50 Social Sites Every Business Needs a Presence On (also provides a great round up of socmed sites).
  • The BeaconfireWire has been HOPPING recently. The writing bug has definitely bitten all my colleagues - posts on RSS aggregation, analytics, creating XML, homepage overlays, success metrics for web builds...go check it out. I can barely keep up with all these smarties around here!
  • The YAP blog. YAP just keeps upping the awesome.
  • Speaking of upping the awesome, JNott's been on a roll recently on Get Me Jamie Notter - great posts on the benefits of curiosity, freedom, waking up, generational learning, and a sollid ASAE Tech recap (yes, I know I need to do that same soon, too).
  • Everyone's Twitter updates, now that I'm finally on Twitter (#ewengel). I have no idea what I'm doing, but Mads has promised to help me out once I get through the hell that will be February (too much travel).
  • Dragon Bones by Lisa See. My friend Deb introduced me to the Red Princess mysteries, and now I'm hooked.


Jamie Notter said...

Awwww, shucks! Thanks for the props Elizabeth. I've enjoyed going deep on the blog lately. Glad it's working for you too. Now to go that deep on Twitter with only 140 characters...

Anonymous said...

Well, you know what they say - brevity is the soul of wit!