13 February 2009

The Friday Top 5

Top 5 Reasons Seattle is Cool:

  1. It's home to a great client - National CASA (and you should definitely check out what they do, because their mission - helping abused & neglected kids - is outstanding).
  2. Beautiful scenery (that picture of Mt. Rainier is actually a US government image, but it really does look like that in real life).
  3. Awesome local restaurants and markets (and used book and record stores).
  4. Getting to visit my father-in-law and his charming new sweetie.
  5. Staying in this hotel. I highly recommend it (and the attached coffee shop - where breakfast each day is included in your stay - won Best Coffee in Seattle. Now that's saying something!).
And sorry for the slow posting week - 3 intense days with the client plus two coast-to-coast trips left my brain a little mush. But I have some great ideas percolating for posts that will appear next week, including on the WOM meme.


midlife said...

I would like to go looks cool, But I heard it rains a lot in Seattle

Anonymous said...

@midlife - the secret, or so they tell me, is to go in late summer, when it's 80 degrees, low humidity and sunny every day. Other than that, yes, lots of rain. Everything's really green though!