06 February 2009

The Friday Top 5

My Top 5 Favorite Memories from ASAE Tech:
  1. General session speaker Jeff Howe: "Don’t focus on the tools of technology - focus on the human behavior they engender."
  2. Jeffrey Cufaude's amazing dragon-style PowerPoint-fu. Now THAT's how to use PPT!
  3. General session speaker Chris Sacca's "secret sauce" comment.
  4. SocialFish on Twitter. I think my head exploded. Get their handouts, and share the head-exploding love.
  5. YAPs in Space. Oh yeah. We're bad.
Check out my longer recap for the BFWire, and look for some posts next week about stuff that made me think.


midlife said...

thanks for the info on twitter i was a party last night and ask 4 of my friends if they knew what twitter was and they looked at me dumb and said "what"

Anonymous said...

Hey midlife, if you are who I think you are, email me at ewengel at yahoo dot com ASAP!