16 February 2009

Catch me @ Great Ideas!

I'll be heading to ASAE's Great Ideas Conference in Miami at the end of the week to present with the very hip Jason Della Rocca in the Social Media Lab on Wikis: Collaborative Content at Your Fingertips.

Benefits of coming:
  • Miami in February? Sweet!
  • General session speaker Dan Roam speaking on creative problem solving.
  • Learning everything you ever wanted to know about wikis and other social media technologies.
  • General session speaker Patti Digh speaking on living and working mindfully.
  • Hanging with some really smart association types.
  • The YAP party. The parties at ASAE's annual meeting 2008 and at Tech 2009 were legenedary. You don't want to miss another.
It's not too late to register, and I hope to see you in the Social Media Lab on Sunday, February 22 at 10:45 am for wiki awesomeness.

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Peggy Hoffman said...

See you there! It'll be lots of fun. And check out the "unsession" on volunteerism ... we have a collaborative area and we'll be connecting on Twitter (#ideas09), Facebook "Future of Volunteerism Unsession" Group and the ASAE Community Group “Vibrant Volunteerism Unsession” group in directories section.

Anonymous said...

@Peggy - yep, just found out about the unsesssion and joined the FB group. See you in Miami!