03 February 2009

Always the Last to Know - Google Earth 5 Beta Released

OK, this time I may not actually be the last to know, but Google Earth has released their beta of version 5, which includes maps of the floor of the ocean. How awesome is that?

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midlife said...

I am going fishing thur off the bridge at st augustine so what time is incoming tide?

Lisa Junker said...

Google Earth continues to be my favorite time-sink. It's just so neat to explore! (I especially love the photos people have posted, so that you can search on a location and then see pictures other people have taken there. I wonder if we'll start to see some underwater photography appearing in the oceans now that the ocean floor maps are there?)

Anonymous said...

@midlife - not sure, but I'm guessing teh Google can tell you

@Lisa - my spouse is TOTALLY OBSESSED with Google Earth. It's so cute & geeky!

midlife said...

I found it 4 am and and it is only 15 degrees out so here I sit on the computer instead of fishing