21 January 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Continuing Inauguration Coverage and Commentary.
  • Seth Godin on the future of newspapers. I should admit my bias right up front - I'm a long time WaPo subscriber and don't consider it a proper morning until I've had my coffee and the A Section. So I disagree with Godin. I don't think newspapers will go away, and I don't think that investigative reporting can be easily picked up by the blogs. Blogs - and TV for that matter - are great with "cat stuck in a tree" or "water main break" type local news. But DailyKos never could have broken Watergate, or produced the extensive in-depth series the Post has written about the financial crisis. And I'm not so sure that Amazon.com can really replace Book World either. Just call me "curmudgeon."
  • I'm also loving hearing from all the new CAEs! I am extremely impatient for ASAE to post the full list online!
  • And of course, I'm following the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth about ANOTHER NFC Championship Game loss. Sigh. I'm getting REALLY tired of saying this, but there's always next year....

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