01 January 2009

Happy New Year's!

As most who know me are aware, I only believe in fun resolutions - no save the world/become a better person/lose 10 pounds for me. If I want to start saving the world, I'll just start whenever the idea occurs to me.

New Year's, on the other hand, is for setting a goal of trying something fun I've wanted to try. Past resolutions have included:
This year, with the advent of the new kitchen, I figured the resolution should have something to do with cooking. But what? Cook my way though some fantastically difficult cookbook? Been done. Learn to make fantasy desserts? Jim doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, which is a lot of wasted butter, sugar, and chocolate. Pursue the creation of the ultimate veal stock? Jim's already on that himself.

Finally, it struck me: learn to bake the perfect French baugette. I like to bake bread, I love baugettes, and it will probably take me at least a year of trying, so that'll keep me out of mischief.

What's on your "to try" list this year?

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