17 December 2008

What I'm Reading

  • The Secrets to Marketing in a Web 2.0 World - those MIT Sloan School people are SMART!
  • Are you a nanobot? I try to be, but forces sometimes conspire against me.
  • Does the WaPo have it right? Tony Rossell doesn't think so, and neither do I.
  • The newly-relaunched BF website. I found out all KINDS of interesting stuff about my co-workers in our all-new People section and spent far too much time playing with our cool new Flash design portfolio.
  • Social Media Predictions 2009. Damn. Good stuff. But, aside from Charlene Li and Ann Handley, where are the ladies?
  • Still working my way through Bayou Farewell, too.


David M. Patt, CAE said...

What do you read that has nothing to do with your profession?

Anonymous said...

Good question, David!

I read the printed Washington Post EVERY day. (Yes, I'm actually a dinosaur. I even still have a physical Rolodex.)

I usually have at least one book going (right now, it's Bayou Farewell).

I look at Vogue for the pretty pictures and read GQ cover to cover for the amazingly bad-ass writing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MIT's Technology Review. I think everyone who has even a vague interest in technology should subscribe. The only down side is that they only produce 6 issues a year.

My blog reading does tend heavily towards associations and non-profits, but I also regularly read a ton of NFL and sport blogs, Salon.com, DCist and Frozen Tropics (a neighborhood blog), Go Fug Yourself, and several friends' blogs.

And you're right - I should highlight some of that stuff more often, not least of which because we often find our best ideas in totally unexpected places!