17 December 2008

What I'm Reading

  • The Secrets to Marketing in a Web 2.0 World - those MIT Sloan School people are SMART!
  • Are you a nanobot? I try to be, but forces sometimes conspire against me.
  • Does the WaPo have it right? Tony Rossell doesn't think so, and neither do I.
  • The newly-relaunched BF website. I found out all KINDS of interesting stuff about my co-workers in our all-new People section and spent far too much time playing with our cool new Flash design portfolio.
  • Social Media Predictions 2009. Damn. Good stuff. But, aside from Charlene Li and Ann Handley, where are the ladies?
  • Still working my way through Bayou Farewell, too.


David M. Patt, CAE said...

What do you read that has nothing to do with your profession?

Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE said...

Good question, David!

I read the printed Washington Post EVERY day. (Yes, I'm actually a dinosaur. I even still have a physical Rolodex.)

I usually have at least one book going (right now, it's Bayou Farewell).

I look at Vogue for the pretty pictures and read GQ cover to cover for the amazingly bad-ass writing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MIT's Technology Review. I think everyone who has even a vague interest in technology should subscribe. The only down side is that they only produce 6 issues a year.

My blog reading does tend heavily towards associations and non-profits, but I also regularly read a ton of NFL and sport blogs, Salon.com, DCist and Frozen Tropics (a neighborhood blog), Go Fug Yourself, and several friends' blogs.

And you're right - I should highlight some of that stuff more often, not least of which because we often find our best ideas in totally unexpected places!