03 December 2008

What I'm Reading

  • Mads reminds us of the importance of listening and provides some tips about where to start.
  • This very unusual opportunity with Seth Godin isn't right for me, but it might be right for you.
  • Think buying that 52" flat screen is going to turn the economy around? Don't be so sure.
  • Enterprise Community Partners is named Fast Company's Social Enterprise of the Year! (They're a BF client - we're so proud!)
  • The December Associations Now case study. I've been in this situation more than once. Sometimes I've handled it well, sometimes less well. But in reading the case study and the responses, a few things occurred to me. Did anyone even ask if there really was a tech problem with the database? It has been known to happen. Did anyone find out the actual extent of the problem? It's funny how if the right/wrong 5 people out of 10,000 have messed up registrations, it can become "everyone's registration packets were screwed up!" in a big hurry. Is Phyllis in the right position? She's been promoted, perhaps via the Peter Principle, to program manager in the membership department. It seems like she's NOT good at the data management/tech aspects of the job, but (at least from the limited information provided) it seems like she IS good at the member relations part of the job. Maybe someone else in the membership department could be responsible for the database and she could keep up her pattern of solid personal member service? All the talk about firing her just seems a little harsh/extreme to me. Sure, it happens, but maybe there's another way.
  • And speaking of the December issue of Associations Now, I'm in it for the first time - check out my contribution and let me know what you think, either via rating it on the site or comments here!


David M. Patt, CAE said...

Good observation about database management in the ASAE article. My review focused on the role of the CEO, since these case studies usually seem to include wimpy executives.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the execs *weren't* wimpy there probably wouldn't be a problem in the first place, right?