11 December 2008

Need Cash Fast? Part 2

Well, the teleconference on Tuesday was great, wasn't it?

You missed it?

Aw, that's too bad.

Fortunately, I took notes!

Here are Mark Rovner's top 10 tips for boosting your holiday fundraising program:
  1. Inspire your donors every day.
  2. Blaze trails to your donate page.
  3. Audit your donation – is it up to snuff?
  4. Test drive the entire process to look for usability problems.
  5. Create a “why donate” page that makes the case for giving in simple, concise terms.
  6. Thank your donors three times.
  7. Provide a warm welcome to first-time donors.
  8. Launch a cultivation plan.
  9. Measure & test throughout the year.
  10. If you haven’t been planning for 2008 all throughout the year, now’s the time to start for 2009.
Or you can download the transcript, listen to the audio recording, or read the article the presentation was based on.

Now get out there and raise some money!


Hecate said...

I love you and you're the authority, but the thank-three-times thing: eh. I HATE it when I donate and get a snail mail thank you. There went a dollar of my donation. And getting spammed w e-mails is one reason that I DON'T like to give or get on lists. Say thanks via one e-mail and I'm good, really. But I'm likely not representative.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mark Rovner's the authority :) But thanks for the feedback!