26 December 2008

The Friday Top 5

The last in my continuing series of holiday Top 5 lists....

The Top 5 Holiday Movies of All Time:
  1. A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out." 'Nuff said
  2. Home Alone - admit it: you thought the original was hilarious, too.
  3. Bad Santa - Billy Bob Thornton is brilliant in this. And it helps cuts the saccharine of everything else that's going on.
  4. It's a Wonderful Life - speaking of saccharine. But seriously, if you don't tear up at the end of this movie, you may want to go in search of your apparently completely misplaced soul.
  5. The George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol - not so easy to find, it's darker and scarier than, say, the Scrooge McDuck version, and probably much more accurate to what Dickens' was trying to portray about the England of his time.
Just missed the top 5: Die Hard (it's such a kick-ass action flick, you forgot it took place at Christmas, didn't you?), The Nightmare Before Christmas (I can't be the only one who has a crush on Jack the Pumpkin King), and White Christmas (man oh man, can Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen dance!)


Maddie Grant said...

Bad Santa is pretty much my favorite movie of all time!! You also could have mentioned Gremlins as a great Christmas movie (at least for us cynics)... : )

Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE said...

That's right! Gremlins is also set at the holidays!

Scott Oser said...

Do Hanukah movies count? If so I thought Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights is pretty darn funny.

Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE said...

Of course Hanukkah movies count! I haven't seen 8 Crazy Nights, which, given my love of Adam Sandler, is unusual. To Netflix!