19 November 2008

What I'm Reading

  • Just found Digital Labz, and I'm feeling the love. I particularly enjoyed The 14 Peculiar Social Media Users (I think I fall somewhere between Wide-Eyed Enthusiast and Second-Tier User), The 11 Rules of Social Media Etiquette (my favorite: rule 8 - Respect the Community), and Don't Believe These 10 Social Media Myths (the one I think is most common: Social Media Won't Last, aka "It's just a fad!")
  • All the weeping and wailing about the Eagles tie with the Bengals Sunday. I've seen people blame the coach, the QB, the offensive line, the officiating, sun spots, Roger Goodell, and my mom. Maybe it was just a bad day?
  • PostSecret. How did I not know about this before?
  • Jared on Tangents. When was the last time....?
  • Trying to keep close tabs on the YAP CAE Study Group as exam time approaches.
  • Still plodding through The Painter from Shanghai, but just not that interested, as it definitely feels like I've heard this story before. Maybe it will get more interesting later? How long do I give it?

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