24 November 2008

Social Media and the 2008 Elections

A little over a week ago, the American Political Science Association's Information Technology & Politics organized section sponsored a webcast about the role of social media in the 2008 elections. It featured the following speakers:
  • George Kilpatrick, Multimedia Advocate for New Inspiration for the Nation
  • Derrick L. Cogburn, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities (Cotelco) at Syracuse University
  • G.R. Boynton,Professor of New Media and Politics at The University of Iowa
  • Renee Marlin-Bennett, Professor of Global Political Economy and International Relations at Johns Hopkins University
Awwwww....and you missed it!

Or did you?

The recording of the webcast, with the audio synced to the slides, is available online through Syracuse University and Elluminate.

Check it out!

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