21 November 2008

The Friday Top 5

Top 5 Fun Things I'm Doing This Weekend:
  1. Oyster Riot!
  2. Trip to Litteri's.
  3. Reunion party with some friends and former colleagues I haven't seen in WAY too long.
  4. Eagles/Ravens game Sunday (preceded by EXCELLENT tailgating, which I'm going to need to fortify myself for the game, given how poorly my Iggles have been playing lately).
  5. Starting the Thanksgiving baking. Pie anyone?


Jeff De Cagna said...

Perhaps you should add to your list a refresher on the NFL's rules of overtime for Donovan. Ha! Thanks to the Eagles for the tie by the way. We really appreciate it.

Meanwhile, the G-Men keep rolling on...:>)

Anonymous said...

The really disturbing part is that there's a rumor that offensive coordiantor Marty Morningweg didn't know that rule, either.