01 October 2008

Word of Mouth for Associations

Call it viral marketing, call it social marketing, call it word of mouth, whatever you call it, this is a HUGE issue in association management.

Sherri Jacobs, of McKinley Marketing, recently wrote an article on this topic for ASAE's Membership Developments enewsletter, and there's an experiment in Word of Mouth marketing going on in the ASAE social network right now.

The goal of Word of Mouth for Associations is to discuss how associations can generate fantastic word of mouth by:
  • Sharing specific ideas that empower our members to spread the word on our behalf.
  • Producing some tricks that will increase pass-along for every marketing effort.
  • Learning how to create an army of fans who will help us find new members and increase renewals at the same time.
Join up!

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Lindy Dreyer said...

Sweet! Thanks for raising the visibility of our little experiment. I think a lot of us kind of cross our fingers and hope for good word of mouth. Wouldn't it be better to have a more systematic approach? I'm hoping that, as a group, we can start to think more deeply about what that approach should be.

Anonymous said...

And isn't that the crux of the matter? We all know viral marketing is good, and we all know that authenticity is key, so the question is: how do we intentionally create authentic viral marketing? Hopefully, one of us will have an epiphany.