31 October 2008

The Friday Top 5

My Top 5 Favorite Hallowe'en Costumes EVER
  1. Clown, age 5 - my mom did a great job on my makeup and I got to wear my dad's big sneakers, which provided major amusement to me and my friends.
  2. Zorro, age 18 - freshman year of college, and I had everything but the cape already on hand.
  3. Magenta, age 24 - my hair was longer and curly then, and with a little Manic Panic red and a thrift-store waitress uniform, I was ready to Time Warp.
  4. Zoot Suit Riot, age 28 - during my avid Lindy Hopper days, I had purchased an actual Zoot suit. Add a white t-shirt with the names of famous riots (Watts, Rodney King, Democractic National Convention 1968, etc.) written on it in Sharpie, and you have a nice pun costume. I thought it was hilarious. No one else seemed to get it.
  5. Trinity, age 33 - my good friend Amy, who is very fond of themed parties, chose "white rabbit" that year. There were plenty of Alice in Wonderland characters, plenty of bunnies (both plush and Playboy), and a few of us who went full-on Matrix. Still have the ankle length black leather duster.
(Pumpkins from the 1st annual Beaconfire Carve-off.)

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