29 August 2008

The Friday Top 5

Top 5 Uses of Fogdirog:
  1. A made-up word usually consisting of an improper prefix or suffix, but which is clearly understandable by root word and context. (E.g. He used the fogdirog "inclusionary" in a blog post.)
  2. To confuse or perplex. (E.g., I tried to explain the merits of Social Networking to my board but it made them all fogdirogged.)
  3. Of great social significance, value, or importance. (E.g., The YAP 80s/90s Dance Party was so fogdirog. Now YAP is kind of a big deal.)
  4. One's friends, peeps, homegirls/boys, clique, or posse. (E.g., Where my fogdirog at?)
  5. One who blogs with the sole purpose of being #1 in Technorati ranking in a particular category. (E.g., That guy is such a fogdirog and he hasn't even cracked the top five.)
Happy last weekend of summer, y'all!


Lindy Dreyer said...


At some fogdirog, fogdiroggers may fogdirog to fogdirog a fogdirog out of fogdirog but fogdirog.

Translation: At some point in time, our friends may exhibit an uncanny capacity to compose a complete deep thought out of nothing more than the word fogdirog.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered my t-shirt to wear to the next YAP event.