13 August 2008

Famous Bloggers I Have Known

Know what the Top Five Association Blogs (according to Technorati) are?
  1. Principled Innovation, aka Jeff's blog
  2. Certified Association Executive, aka Ben's blog
  3. Acronym, aka the ASAE blog
  4. Get Me Jamie Notter, aka Jamie's blog
  5. Diary of a Reluctant Blogger, aka Maddie's blog
Congratulations to all! (You're making the rest of us look like the bunch of slackers we are!)


Maddie Grant said...

Thank you honey!! Pretty psyched! Although I have to watch my back - from not having an association blog a few weeks ago you've turned into a pro very quickly... : )

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sort of a ringer. I may have only started this blog 6 weeks ago, but this will be my 4th season blogging about the NFL.