27 August 2008

ASAE AM Conversation 5: Collaborative Content at Your Fingertips

aka, my session (with Amy Hissrich).

"So how did it go?"

What are you asking me for? I'm not objective.

It seemed OK - we were full but not packed, the conversation was lively, and I can project well enough that people could hear me even in the Sails Pavilion with no mike.

I can point you to the Associapedia entry we created about the session and our handouts.


(Like my rockin' YAP gear?)

And I can tell you that someone who entered the session not knowing what a wiki was made his very first edit to an Associapedia entry after the session ended (with next to no help from me).


Lisa Junker said...

It's so great that your session already has attendees out there editing wikis! You guys must have done a great job getting them comfortable with it.

Amy said...

Delurking to say what a privilege it was to be able to present with you, Elizabeth. I may be biased, but I thought the session went well and that you made excellent points throughout (and in the videos). You've definitely been a *huge* asset to us with Associapedia this year and your creativity and enthusiasm is truly valued and appreciated. In sum--you got serious wiki chops and you rock.

Anonymous said...

Aw [blush], thanks, you guys!